Plan long-term.
Act with speed.
ENTRLYNK advisors provide data-driven Strategy, Product and Collaboration advice for mobility and tech companies, leveraging our deep China expertise.
Today’s businesses operate in a fast-paced environment where innovation, the development of cutting-edge products, and staying ahead of the competition are constant pressures. At ENTRLYNK, we embrace this rapid pace, combining long-term planning with a proactive and collaborative mindset to deliver and implement solutions that meet the needs of today and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.
What we do
We tackle today’s challenges jointly, facilitate a better collaboration, and transform hidden insight into practical and comprehensive business solutions.

We operate within 3 key areas:
Products & Services
We define long-term goals and develop a clear, actionable strategy. We assist in entering new markets, building and strengthening your market positioning and identifying growth opportunities.


We accompany you to enter new markets, whether you are a startup launching your first product or an established company launching a new offering.

>Value proposition
>Product-market fit
>Pricing strategy
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In todays complex market environments strategic differentiation of a product, brand or company is crucial. We focus on the right actions.

>Market assessment
>Competitive landscape screening
>Target market differentiation
>USP definition
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We help your company to create portfolios that are futureproof, tailored to different target customers, regions and segments.

>360° portfolio analysis
>Portfolio optimization
>Risk management
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We handle everything from concept to launch phase. We support your company in setting the right price as well as jointly explore your best fit target customers.


We support your company in developing, launching and maintaining a successful product.

>Market research
>Product definition
>Price optimization
>Project and launch planning >Performance analysis
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We jointly explore your companies right target customers and seek to deeply understand their needs and pain points

>Customer segmentation
>Persona definition
>Customer and user journeys
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New trends emerge rapidly, hence emerging patterns and shifts in consumer behaviour, market trends and technological advancements have to be identified fast. We help to stay ahead.

>Market scan
>Data analysis
>Scenario planning
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We establish a dialogue to explore superior answers, foster shared work and strengthen team collaboration.


With the experience gained from Chinese and European companies, we help to create a collaborative culture by promoting trust, respect, open communication, diversity and knowledge sharing.

>As-is and to-be culture
>Community of practice
>Cultural awareness
>Design thinking
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We provide training programs and workshops to equip everyone with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset for effective collaboration.

>Trust building
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Todays work environment is more complex and dynamic than ever, impacting organizational and project performance. We support your company assessing existing workflows, identifying bottlenecks or inefficiencies.

>Process mapping
>Improvement areas identification
>Process optimization
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„We are driven by our dedication to continuous learning and how we have seen the world moving in China“
Daniel Tesic
Founder of ENTRLYNK
What we did (extract, prior to ENTRLYNK)
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Why us  
People first

By prioritizing people, we are more than 100 percent certain to foster a positive work environment and long-term cooperation, which ultimately drives sustainable success.
China pace

From the early 2010s we experienced the game-changing innovation that catapulted China from a cash-only economy to the world leader in mobile payments, from a combustion engine-only to the world leader of electrification.
Data driven

Organizations can uncover hidden opportunities, identify emerging trends, and accurately assess risks, by exploiting data. Knowing how to handle data, interpret data and implement concrete actions catalyzes the journey for growth.
We believe that honest collaboration can achieve the impossible, by being authentic and empathetic.
We know how to catch-up and resolve today’s transformation challenges.
We want your company to stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly data-centric world.

advisor:IædvaɪzəʳI – n.

„A knowledgeable and experienced individual who provides guidance, support, andexpert advice to assist others in making informed decisions or solving problems.“ ChatGPT
Daniel Tesic
Founder and advisor
I am an enthusiastic strategist with over 17 years of experience in international project management, along with 7+ years of dedicated involvement in China’s fast paced automotive industry, working with both traditional OEMs (Volkswagen Group China) and start-ups (XPENG).
My mission is to share my experience and empower organizations and individuals, enabling them to unlock their full potential and achieve exceptional results.

hands on – trustful – empowering – creative – authentic – passionate – culturally aware – respectful – fast-paced – humble – getting things done – focused
previous work assignments:
7+ years
China expertise
Strategy, product and collaboration
center of competence
Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Munich, Split
where I am also local
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